Poverty's Paradise (25th Anniversary)
Poverty's Paradise (25th Anniversary). Vinyl

Poverty's Paradise (25th Anniversary)

Naughty By Nature

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  • Vinyl
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Poverty's Paradise debuted at #1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Album Charts and #3 on the Billboard Top 200, was the first album to win Best Hip Hop Album Grammy when the category was first introduced in 1996. Featuring the classic hit singles "Craziest" "Clap Yo Hands" & "Feel Me Flow".


01Intro Skit Naughty By Nature00:38
02Poverty's Paradise Naughty By Nature01:04
03Clap Yo Hands Naughty By Nature04:38
04City of Ci-Lo Naughty By Nature03:13
07Holdin' Fort Naughty By Nature03:31
08Chain Remains Naughty By Nature04:33
09Feel Me Flow Naughty By Nature03:32
10Craziest Naughty By Nature04:04
11Radio Skit Naughty By Nature00:09
12Sunshine Naughty By Nature03:12
14Respect Due Naughty By Nature03:01
15World Go Round Naughty By Nature03:05
17Double I Skit Naughty By Nature00:11
18Slang Bang Naughty By Nature03:41
20Outro Naughty By Nature00:27
22Craziest (Homie Version Edit) Naughty By Nature03:50
23Feel Me Flow (Ali Shaheed Muhammad Remix) Naughty By Nature04:07

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