Coo Coo Cal

Release Date: 

Disturbed by Milwaukee's Coo Coo Cal was released on September 18, 2001 through Tommy Boy Records. Most of the album was produced by Bigg Hank, though Bink, DJ Cipha Sounds, Rated X and Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature also contributed production to the album. The album featured the hit track "My Projects".


01Intro Coo Coo Cal01:24
02My Projects Coo Coo Cal03:45
03I Did It Again Coo Coo Cal03:52
04How Does It Feel to Ya Coo Coo Cal featuring Koffee Brown and Midwikid04:08
05Sick and Tired Coo Coo Cal03:53
06Something, Something Coo Coo Cal03:59
08Freak Nasty Coo Coo Cal04:11
09Still Ride Till We Die Coo Coo Cal featuring Twista05:24
10Ghetto Dreaming Coo Coo Cal04:07
11Wanna Be a G Coo Coo Cal featuring Midwikid04:11
12My Mind Is Gone Coo Coo Cal03:16
15Still in the Game Coo Coo Cal featuring Gage and Lil Niq04:09

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