Reel to Reel

Reel to Reel

Grand Puba

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This album has a lot to offer, including the irresistible one-two punch of "Check Tha Resume" and "360°," the deep-fried "Honey Don't Front," and the delightfully lazy "Who Makes the Loot?," whipped off with Brand New Heavies when they were at their funkiest. The production (most of it by the artist himself) is universally excellent, and Puba is, without a doubt, one of the cleverest, most cheekily complex MCs to ever pick up a microphone. Just bring your incredulity and sense of humor -- the lower the brow the better -- and Reel to Reel is a real hoot.


01Check Tha Resume Grand Puba03:51
02360° (What Goes Around) Grand Puba04:01
03That's How We Move It Grand Puba03:20
04Check It Out Grand Puba featuring Mary J. Blige03:32
05Big Kids Don't Play Grand Puba03:47
06Honey Don't Front Grand Puba04:08
07Lickshot Grand Puba04:34
08Ya Know How It Goes Grand Puba04:21
09Reel to Reel Grand Puba03:56
10Soul Controller Grand Puba04:26
11Proper Education Grand Puba03:32
12Back It Up Grand Puba featuring Kid Capri03:51
13Baby What's Your Name? Grand Puba02:55
14360° (What Goes Around) (SD50 Remix) Grand Puba04:01
15Who Makes the Loot? Grand Puba03:25

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