Let Me Love You: The Greatest Hits
Let Me Love You: The Greatest Hits. CD

Let Me Love You: The Greatest Hits

Force M.D.'s

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The Force M.D.'s predated the explosion of new jack swing in the late '80s, but they definitely helped lay the groundwork, fusing R&B vocal harmonies with street-level hip-hop beats. Their most popular material, however, tended to concentrate more on the urban R&B end of that spectrum, as displayed on Let Me Love You: The Force M.D.'s Greatest Hits. The collection gathers a generous 17 cuts, making it the definitive overview of the group's achievements.


01Let Me Love You Force M.D.'s05:07
02Tears Force M.D.'s04:04
03Forgive Me Girl Force M.D.'s05:12
04Itchin' For A Scratch Force M.D.'s05:17
05Here I Go Again Force M.D.'s06:30
06Force M.D.'s Meet The Fat Boys Force M.D.'s04:08
07Tender Love Force M.D.'s03:54
08I Wanna Know Your Name Force M.D.'s05:54
09Love Is A House Force M.D.'s05:08
10Touch and Go Force M.D.'s04:59
11Couldn't Care Less Force M.D.'s05:29
12Your Love Drives Me Crazy Force M.D.'s05:13
13Deep Check Force M.D.'s04:03
14Are You Really Real? Force M.D.'s05:50
15Step to Me Force M.D.'s04:49
16What's the Name of That Song? Force M.D.'s03:39
17Auld Lang Syne Force M.D.'s03:03

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