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Hack is the 2nd album by Information Society. Riding on the success of its self-titled major-label debut, Harland decided to experiment on this album with a harsher sound. The other members agreed somewhat, though felt that they should still stay on level with the pop sensibilities of the past record. This new approach is more pronounced on tracks such as the industrial influenced "Seek 200" and "Hard Currency". Elements of hip-hop are also featured on some tracks. The style of music eventually lead to the electro-industrial release Don't Be Afraid, Harland's solo album under the band name. The top 40 charting single of the album, Think, largely sticks with the synth-pop sound of past material.

Like the others, this album is thick with samples and loops, including bands such as: Kraftwerk, James Brown, Nitzer Ebb and Beastie Boys. There are multiple references to the first Star Trek series on various tracks on the album. On the track "Charlie X", the line "I could make you all go away, any time I want to" is a reference to the episode "Charlie X". On "Come with Me," the following lines are a reference to the episode "The Changeling": "What is the meaning?" "Singing, What purpose is singing?" "I like to sing. I felt like music"


01Seek 2000 Information Society03:06
02How Long Information Society04:05
03Think/Wenn Wellen Schwingen Information Society05:05
04A Knife and a Fork/R.I.P. Information Society03:21
05Now That I Have You Information Society05:03
06Fire Tonight Information Society05:39
07Can't Slow Down/T.V. Addicts Information Society05:13
08Hard Currency Information Society02:33
09Move Out/CP Drill KKL Information Society04:33
10Mirrorshades (/We Don't Take) Information Society05:37
11Hack 1/Charlie X Information Society03:31
12If Only Information Society04:05
13Come With Me Information Society04:22
14Slipping Away/Here Is Kazmeyer Information Society04:11
15Chemistry Information Society02:13

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