Scars of Love

Scars of Love


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Scars of Love, by the best-selling Latin freestyle group TKA celebrates its 35th Anniversary in 2022. Featuring the track title plus “One Way Love”, “X-Ray Vision” and “Tears My Fall” these songs blew up in the clubs, particularly in New York, Miami & Chicago in the 1980s and created the Freestyle genre.


01Scars of Love TKA05:06
02X-Ray Vision TKA05:57
03It's Got to Be Love TKA05:03
04Come Get My Love TKA05:59
05One Way Love TKA05:17
06Tears May Fall TKA04:54
07Someone in the Dark TKA04:37
08Don't Be Afraid TKA06:19
09Broken Dreams TKA05:13

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Scars of Love


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