In Full Gear

In Full Gear


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In Full Gear is the second studio album by American hip hop band Stetsasonic, released in 1988. In Full Gear is a double album that draws on various influences in its hip hop style, including R&B, jazz, dancehall reggae, and rock influences. It also incorporates beatboxing, sampling technology, and live band performance. "Freedom or Death" and "Talkin' All That Jazz" discuss credos of revolution and sampling, respectively. On "Float On", a remake of The Floaters' 1977 song of the same name, rapper Wise envisions "a woman with a realistic imagination, a woman who thinks for herself, whose thoughts are bold and free".


01In Full Gear Stetsasonic03:31
02DBC Let The Music Play Stetsasonic04:17
03Freedom Or Death Stetsasonic01:40
04Float On (feat. Force MDs) Stetsasonic featuring Force MDs07:27
05Stet Troop '88! Stetsasonic04:50
06Pen And Paper Stetsasonic03:55
07Music For The Stetfully Insane Stetsasonic01:48
08We're The Band Stetsasonic02:44
09Rollin' Wit Rush Stetsasonic01:38
10This Is It, Y'All (Go Stetsa II) Stetsasonic05:16
11Extensions Stetsasonic00:09
12Sally Stetsasonic04:33
13Talkin' All That Jazz Stetsasonic04:48
14It's In My Song Stetsasonic04:18
15The Odad Stetsasonic03:20
16Miami Bass Stetsasonic04:41
17Showtime (Explicit) Stetsasonic05:10
18Talkin' All That Jazz (Dominoes Vocal Remix By Daddy-O) Stetsasonic03:49
19Talkin' All That Jazz (Dominoes Instrumental Remix By Daddy-O) Stetsasonic04:30
20Talkin' All That Jazz (Dim's Radio Edit) Stetsasonic04:24

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