On Fire

On Fire


Release Date: 

Stetsasonic's debut album was released in 1986. On Fire was one of the first rap albums to combine live band instrumentation with traditional hip hop production. In 1998, the Source out on fire on its 100 Best Rap Albums.


014 Ever My Beat Stetsasonic05:20
02My Rhyme Stetsasonic04:57
03Just Say Stet Stetsasonic03:50
04Faye Stetsasonic03:55
054 Ever My Mouth Stetsasonic00:19
06Rock De La Stet Stetsasonic05:04
07Go Stetsa I Stetsasonic05:28
08On Fire Stetsasonic04:21
09Bust That Groove Stetsasonic05:50
10Paul's Groove Stetsasonic02:03

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