Nature of a Sista'

Nature of a Sista'

Queen Latifah

Release Date: 
  • Vinyl, 1×LP
    140 gram, black vinyl in a custom printed jacket
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Nature of a Sista is the second studio album by Queen Latifah, who also executive produced it.  Although predominantly a hip-hop album, it includes elements of reggae, jazz, R&B, new jack swing, and house music. The lyrics of the album's songs revolve around gender, politics, and romance. ​​ “Latifah’s Had It Up 2 Here” the single produced by Naughty By Nature was the speaker-knocking, royal rumble that confirmed hard-spitting Latifah remained on her throne.


01Latifah's Had It Up to Here Queen Latifah04:27
02Nuff' of the Ruff Stuff Queen Latifah03:50
03One Mo' Time Queen Latifah04:49
04Give Me Your Love Queen Latifah03:50
05Love Again Queen Latifah03:41
06Bad as a Mutha Queen Latifah04:01
07Fly Girl Queen Latifah04:02
08Sexy Fancy Queen Latifah03:56
09Nature of a Sista' Queen Latifah03:20
10That's the Way We Flow Queen Latifah03:22
11If You Don't Know Queen Latifah04:58
12How Do I Love Thee Queen Latifah05:01

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