Jocelyn Enriquez

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Jocelyn is the second album by Jocelyn Enriquez, released in 1997. It features her biggest mainstream hits to date, "Do You Miss Me?" and "A Little Bit of Ecstasy". "Even If" was opted for a single and remixed by Soul Solution however "Get Into the Rhythm" was the 3rd and last single released from the album. "Stay With Me" was commercially released in Brazil.


01Lovely People Jocelyn Enriquez04:16
02A Little Bit of Ecstasy Jocelyn Enriquez04:08
03Do You Miss Me Jocelyn Enriquez04:06
04Even If Jocelyn Enriquez04:03
05Only You Jocelyn Enriquez03:19
06Can You Feel It (Rock It Don't Stop It) Jocelyn Enriquez04:21
07Stay with Me Jocelyn Enriquez03:45
08Get Into the Rhythm Jocelyn Enriquez04:02
09Everything I Need Jocelyn Enriquez03:14
10Save Me from Being Alone Jocelyn Enriquez05:11
11If I'm Falling in Love, Pt. 1 Jocelyn Enriquez03:45
12If I'm Falling in Love, Pt. 2 Jocelyn Enriquez01:45
13Do You Miss Me (Running Mix) Jocelyn Enriquez03:45
14A Little Bit of Ecstacy (Freefloor Mix) (Freefloor Mix) Jocelyn Enriquez06:58

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