My Soul (25th Anniversary)

My Soul (25th Anniversary)


Release Date: 
  • Vinyl, 2×LP
  • CD
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The 3rd studio album by Coolio, featuring the song "C U When I Get There", released August 26. 1997.


01Intro Coolio00:26
022 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk Coolio02:24
03One Mo' Coolio03:44
04The Devil is Dope Coolio04:13
05Hit 'Em Coolio04:22
06Knight Fall Coolio04:10
07Ooh La La Coolio04:05
08Can U Dig It Coolio03:44
09Nature of the Business Coolio04:42
10Homeboy Coolio04:08
11Throwdown 2000 Coolio featuring 40 Thevz03:53
12Can I Get Down 1x Coolio03:44
13Interlude Coolio01:03
14My Soul Coolio04:14
15Let's Do It Coolio04:32
16C U When U Get There Coolio featuring 40 Thevz05:11

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