Tommy Boy Tuesday: Apache - "Apache Ain't Shit"

Released in 1993, Apache's album "Apache Ain't Shit" was a remarkable addition to the early '90s hip-hop scene. The production of the album was a collaborative effort, with contributions from a diverse set of producers, including S.I.D. Reynolds, Double J, Diamond D, Large Professor, Q-Tip, The 45 King, and Apache himself. Executive producers Benny Medina, Queen Latifah, and Sha-Kim oversaw the project, ensuring its musical cohesion and excellence. The album also boasted an impressive lineup of guest appearances, featuring artists like Nikki D, Cee, Collie Weed, Cut Monitor Milo, Double J, Latee, The Jigaboos, The My Dick Posse, Treach, and Vin Rock.

"Apache Ain't Shit" made its mark on the music charts, reaching number 69 on the Billboard 200 and an impressive number 15 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album spawned a charting single, "Gangsta Bitch," produced by Q-Tip, which climbed to No. 67 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also made waves on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, peaking at No. 49, and landed at No. 11 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. While "Do fa Self" was released as another single, it did not achieve the same chart success. "Apache Ain't Shit" stands as a testament to Apache's talent and the thriving hip-hop scene of its time, leaving a lasting impression on the genre.

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