Tommy Boy Tuesday: Tony Touch - "The Piece Maker"

Tony Touch's debut album, "The Piece Maker," marked a significant milestone in the career of the renowned mixtape DJ, who had already established himself as one of New York City's most prominent figures in the realm of mixtapes since the early 1990s. Released in the year 2000 on Tommy Boy, the album showcased Tony Touch's versatility by not only featuring his adept DJ skills and production work but also introducing his own rhymes to the hip-hop scene. This transition from mixtapes to a full-fledged studio album was a testament to his influence and standing in the industry.

"The Piece Maker" boasted an impressive lineup of collaborators, with production contributions from iconic figures such as Gang Starr's DJ Premier, Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs, and the Alchemist, among others. The album also featured guest appearances by some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including contributions from Gang Starr, Cypress Hill, and Wu-Tang Clan. Two notable singles, "I Wonder Why? (He's the Greatest DJ)" and "The Return of the Diaz Bros.," were released from the album, both achieving minor chart success on the Billboard R&B charts. The positive reception and popularity of "The Piece Maker" prompted Tony Touch to follow up with a sequel in 2004 titled "The Piece Maker 2," continuing his successful foray into the world of studio albums.

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