Tommy Boy Tuesday: Naughty By Nature - "Feel Me Flow"

"Feel Me Flow" is a standout single from Naughty By Nature's fourth studio album, "Poverty's Paradise," which was released in 1995. The song quickly became their most successful single, reaching significant chart positions and garnering widespread acclaim. With its infectious groove and confident lyrical delivery, "Feel Me Flow" captivated audiences and solidified Naughty By Nature's status as one of the leading rap acts of the time.

The single's success was evident as it climbed the charts, peaking at number 3 on the Hot Rap Singles chart in mid-June and reaching number 17 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 in mid-July. The song's catchy hooks, coupled with the group's trademark smooth flows, made it an instant favorite among fans and a radio staple. "Feel Me Flow" showcased Naughty By Nature's versatility and ability to create infectious, feel-good anthems while maintaining their signature East Coast hip-hop sound. Even years after its release, "Feel Me Flow" remains a timeless classic that represents the group's influential contribution to the rap music landscape.

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