Tommy Boy Tuesday: Apache - 'Apache Ain't Shit' 30th Anniversary

Celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year, "Apache Ain't Shit" introduces rapper Apache to the hip-hop scene with his debut studio album, showcasing his unapologetic attitude and raw lyrical prowess. The album captures Apache's confident demeanor and audacious charisma as he navigates through a range of tracks. From the explosive energy of the opening track, "Rise of the Apache," to the introspective depths of "Scars of the Soul," Apache's versatility shines through. Tracks like "Street Chronicles" provide a gritty portrayal of urban life, while "Lyrically Insane" displays Apache's rapid-fire wordplay. With a fusion of old-school sensibilities and modern production, "Apache Ain't Shit" cements Apache's place in the rap game, leaving an undeniable impact on the genre.

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