Tommy Boy Tuesday: Digital Underground - "Kiss You Back"

"Sons of the P" is the second studio album by Digital Underground, the influential hip-hop group known for their unique blend of funk-infused beats and humorous, socially conscious lyrics. Released in 1991, the album showcased the group's creativity and innovation, solidifying their status as pioneers of the genre. With its infectious grooves and infectious energy, "Sons of the P" captivated listeners and critics alike. The album received widespread acclaim and was certified Gold by the RIAA, a testament to its commercial success and enduring popularity.

One of the standout tracks from "Sons of the P" is the hit single "Kiss You Back," which became a chart-topping sensation. The song's catchy melody, catchy lyrics, and irresistible groove made it an instant favorite among fans. "Kiss You Back" exemplified Digital Underground's ability to seamlessly blend elements of funk, soul, and rap, creating a sound that was uniquely their own. The success of this single further solidified Digital Underground's position in the music industry, propelling them to new heights and cementing their reputation as one of the most innovative and talented groups of the era.

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