Tommy Boy Tuesday: Naughty By Nature - '19 Naughty III' 30th Anniversary

Naughty By Nature's groundbreaking album "19 Naughty III" is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, having been released on February 23rd, 1993. This milestone reminds us of the album's significant contribution to the hip-hop landscape. The release solidified the New Jersey trio's status as trailblazers, blending their signature raw energy with infectious beats and socially conscious lyrics. "19 Naughty III" seamlessly combines party anthems like "Hip Hop Hooray" and "It's On" with introspective tracks such as "Guard Your Grill" and "Everyday All Day." The album's timeless appeal continues to resonate with fans worldwide, serving as a testament to Naughty By Nature's enduring influence and their esteemed position as one of hip-hop's most revered acts. As we commemorate three decades since its release, "19 Naughty III" stands as a testament to its lasting impact on the genre's history.

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