Tommy Boy Tuesday: The Force M.D.'s - "Touch and Go"

"Touch and Go," the third studio album by the Force M.D.'s, emerged onto the music scene in 1987 and represented a pivotal moment in their career. The album showcased the group's versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories. "Love Is a House," the first single from the album, served as a catchy introduction to its fusion of R&B, pop, and dance elements. Additionally, "Couldn't Care Less" further highlighted the group's prowess in delivering soulful melodies and harmonies. To support the album, Force M.D.'s embarked on a journey playing live shows alongside iconic artists like Madonna and Alexander O'Neal, expanding their reach and exposure within the music industry.

"Touch and Go" was a collaborative effort featuring contributions from nine different producers, and this diversity was evident in the album's sound. The group deliberately incorporated dance tracks into the album to showcase their versatility beyond their renowned ballads. "Would You Love Me?" stood out as an example of their musical experimentation, blending elements of go-go music and rap into their signature R&B style. Furthermore, the title track, "Touch and Go," penned by Victor Bailey, exemplified the group's ability to craft memorable songs that resonated with audiences. This album marked a significant chapter in the Force M.D.'s journey, demonstrating their evolution and adaptability in the ever-changing music landscape.

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