Tommy Boy Tuesday: Stetsasonic - "In Full Gear"

In Full Gear, the second studio album by American hip hop band Stetsasonic, was released in 1988. This double album showcases the group's versatility by drawing on a wide range of influences within the hip hop genre, including R&B, jazz, dancehall reggae, and rock. It seamlessly combines elements such as beat-boxing, sampling technology, and live band performance to create a unique and dynamic sound.

Two notable tracks on the album are "Freedom or Death" and "Talkin' All That Jazz." "Freedom or Death" explores the theme of revolution and presents thought-provoking credos on the subject. Meanwhile, "Talkin' All That Jazz" focuses on the art of sampling and its significance within hip hop culture.

Additionally, the album features a remake of The Floaters' 1977 song called "Float On." In this rendition, rapper Wise paints a vivid picture of a woman with an imaginative mind, someone who possesses independent thinking and expresses her thoughts with boldness and freedom.

Overall, In Full Gear stands as a testament to Stetsasonic's artistic prowess and their ability to blend various musical influences into a cohesive hip hop experience.

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